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Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accident Attorney
Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accidents Attorney

Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accident Attorney

A Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accidents Attorney is your best chance at winning fair compensation for your damages.

Convenience is becoming a keynote of our daily lives, from e-commerce to delivery services. Nearly all delivery companies offer a two-day promise and virtually all restaurants have a delivery option. The influx is making out lives more convenient, but it’s also increasing accident potential on the roadways.

If you sustained injuries in an accident with a delivery driver, it may be in your best interest to get legal advice from a Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accidents Attorney.

Delivery Drivers Are More Likely to Drive Under Pressure

You can have just about anything delivered these days from groceries, to packages, and household appliances. Delivery accidents can be devastating. What’s more, delivery drivers are often operating vehicles under immense pressure to meet deadlines.

For example, Amazon delivery drivers are expected on average, to deliver anywhere from 200-300 packages in a single shift. That means they often speed or break traffic rules to fulfill work obligations.

Delivery vehicles also range in size, many being large commercial semi-trucks with heavy cargo loads. When you collide with one of those trucks, you will probably walk away with severe or even catastrophic injuries. However, a Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accidents Attorney can help you and your loved ones get back on track.

We have the experience and expertise needed to win you the full compensation you deserve. Most importantly, we know how crucial it is to conduct an in-depth investigation to get all the facts straight and build a strong case on your behalf.

Why Do Delivery Accidents Happen in Colorado Springs?

With customer expectations for delivery orders to get fulfilled quickly and efficiently, the demand for delivery drivers is higher than ever. Consider Amazon’s Prime’s two-day or next-day shipping promise. You can order something on Wednesday and expect it on your doorstep by Thursday or Friday at the latest.

Drivers for companies like Fed-Ex, UPS, Amazon, and other delivery services may feel pressure to keep up with the demand. In addition to the job pressures, delivery vehicles are often larger than regular passenger vehicles. That means if they get into a crash, the outcome is more severe than with smaller vehicles.

Most delivery driver accidents are caused by:

  • Speeding
  • Driver fatigue
  • Overloaded vans or cargo on larger commercial vehicles
  • Failure to properly maintain delivery vehicles
  • Driver inexperience with operating large vehicles
  • Lack of experience with the local roadways and traffic laws if the driver is in a new area
  • Driver distractions, especially dangerous for food delivery drivers who use their GPS most of the time to get to new addresses
  • Illegal parking

Gig workers (e.g., delivery drivers for DoorDash or PostMates) who operate as “independent contractors’ ‘ may feel constant pressure to make deliveries in higher volumes. This is due to the time constraints they must work with to pick up the food from the restaurant and transport it within the expected time frame, despite traffic conditions. They may even receive additional orders while they are already delivering an order, adding more urgency. All drivers are incentivized to take more orders, since that means more income.

Another factor to consider is that delivery drivers usually don’t require any additional or specialized training. They only need to have a Class-C driver’s license, which is the same license all motorists require in order to drive.

Delivery accidents can be serious and result in catastrophic injuries, which is a glaring issue with the rapid growth of delivery services. Delivery workers often have to deal with impatient customers who do not respond well to late deliveries. While it’s obvious that delivery driving has inherent stress, that’s not an excuse for negligent or careless driving.

The best way to go about getting a fair outcome is to hire a Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accidents Attorney who can help you build a firm case. A Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accidents Attorney can also help you identify all liable parties for the accident and who to pursue for damages.

Liability in Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accidents

If a delivery driver causes an accident, it’s possible to hold the company liable. As long as the driver is an employee of the company and was performing work duties during the crash, they may be liable.

In fact, most companies who employ delivery drivers have insurance policies specifically for accident coverage. However, each company’s policy will vary in coverage limits and the specifications under which the coverage is applicable.

Different Examples of Delivery Driver Insurance Policies

  • Grubhub and Instacart – neither of these delivery companies have liability coverage for accidents. When there is no liability coverage available from the company’s insurance, recovering damages can be an uphill battle. You’ll either need to file a claim with the driver’s insurance or through your own uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist policy.
  • Doordash and Postmates – both companies require their drivers to have personal insurance that cover accident liability. However, if the damages in the accident surpass the driver’s liability limits, company liability coverage may be applicable.
  • Uber Eats – Uber eats delivery driver accidents fall under Uber’s extensive liability policy that also apply to its rideshare services. In most cases, if the driver has the app on but is not transporting a passenger, the injury victim can still claim a minimum of:
    • $50,000 for individual bodily injuries
    • $100,00 total for all injuries in a given accident
    • $25,000 in property damage

However, if the driver is making a delivery or transporting a passenger while they cause an accident.

  • UPS– The United States postal service has a comprehensive liability policy with coverage of up to one million in damages.
    • United States Postal Service (USPS) – USPS trucks are owned by the government, and their vehicles are not insured. Furthermore, since USPS drivers are government employees, any accidents with them will fall under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) rather than a personal injury claim.
  • FedEx – FedEx and FedEx Express usually cover up to five million in damages. That includes residential as well as commercial deliveries (through fed-ex ground and fed-ex freight respectively).
  • Amazon Grocery (Partner with Whole Foods) – what’s the worst that could happen when a delivery mogul like amazon partners with a big-name grocery chain like Whole foods? In a perfect world, these two trusted, reliable companies would provide services free of accidents and injuries. But the truth is that the delivery drivers fulfilling work orders are human and thus have the potential to cause accidents, as do all other motorists on the road. Whole Foods does provide liability insurance coverage of up to one million in damages for any accidents that result in injuries.
  • Amazon Delivery – with over 7 billion annual orders to fulfill, Amazon is the kingpin of deliveries. Part of the attraction and hype about Amazon is their promise to deliver within two days. The downside to this is that as the company grows and takes on more potential for causing accidents, they also work harder to avoid liability. One way they do this is by contracting with third parties as an independent contractor. While it provides protections for Amazon, that means you need to file a claim through a third party company that technically employed the at-fault driver.

Knowing how to devise an effective strategy for a successful outcome is largely circumstantial. That’s why it will serve your best interests to work with a Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accidents Attorney who has experience handling Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accident cases.

What Kind of Injuries Can Result From A Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accident?

Most delivery services leave little room for error. When delivery drivers have their livelihoods on the line, it can make for even more intense pressure to perform. Consequently, delivery drivers often break traffic rules to meet their obligations. One simple wrong turn can put their jobs on the line. Statistically speaking, the odds of getting in an accident with a delivery driver is nearly unavoidable if you are using the roadways. Currently in the US, there are over 1,419,427 employed delivery drivers.

Potential injuries that can result from delivery accidents include:

  • Fractured bones
  • Broken bones
  • Crushed limbs requiring amputation
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Internal organ damage and bleeding
  • Skull and facial fractures
  • Scarring and disfigurement

Delivery driver accident injuries take time to heal and often require on-going rehabilitation. When you’re left with overwhelming medical bills, lost income, and reduced earning potential due to injuries, the last thing you want to deal with is a legal battle.

While money cannot undo the past and take away the injuries you’ve already suffered, it will help you move forward with your life. A Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accidents Attorney is your best chance at winning the full and fair recompense needed for all of your damages.

Contact Our Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accidents Attorneys Today for Legal Help

We are knowledgeable and dedicated Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accidents Attorneys who want to help you. The truth is that even if your case seems like a no-brainer and the delivery driver was 100% at fault, the claims process is not so straightforward.

Commercial entities like Amazon, Doordash, Postemates, Grubhub, Uber, FedEx and UPS work to protect their bottom lines. Meaning, they care more about making a profit than paying your injury claim. They may even try to shift fault to you or other parties involved or try to offer a lowball settlement.

To avoid getting beguiled by unfair insurance tactics, you need to call an experienced ​​Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accidents Attorney. Our mission is to advocate on behalf of injury victims who have suffered due to negligence of others and win fair compensation.

If you or your loved one was injured in a delivery accident caused by another driver, call us today for a free consultation.

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