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Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney
Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney

Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney

A Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney is prepared to help victims protect their rights and secure full financial compensation.

Coloradans are all too familiar with rideshare services like Uber, since Colorado was the first state to legislatively permit ridesharing services in 2014. Most of us have used Uber’s ride services at one point or another, whether it was a ride to the airport, a night out, or to run errands. Now, with UberEats, people even use Uber’s food delivery services.

The freedom, ease, and convenience they provide has garnered a widespread customer base. But there’s a glaring issue with Uber accidents: the question of liability in the event of an accident. Just like any other car ride, taking an Uber poses the risk of a motor vehicle collision. However, recovering from an Uber car accident is not the same as any car accident. There are additional factors that make Uber car accident cases more complicated.

That’s why you need a knowledgeable Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney who understands the intricacies of these cases and how to handle them. We are prepared to help injured victims protect their rights and secure the full financial compensation needed to recover.

Situations That May Require You to Hire a Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney

Riding in an Uber is not the only way you can get injured. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and other motorists who share the roadways are also vulnerable to getting injured in a Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident.

There are various ways an accident can happen, but if it involves negligence on someone else’s part, it might be time to hire a Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney. If multiple parties share fault, the process can get even more complicated and you’ll want to be sure to have legal help from a Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney.

Here are some examples of situations when it would behoove you to work with a Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney:

  • The accident occurred due to negligent maintenance of the vehicle.
  • A drowsy or fatigued Uber driver caused the accident.
  • The Uber driver was drunk or using drugs when they crashed.
  • The accident was a result of the Uber driver disregarding traffic regulations.
  • The Uber driver was speeding or driving recklessly.
  • The Uber driver was texting or otherwise distracted, which led to a collision.
  • Or if the Uber driver was somehow negligent and caused the accident.
  • Another motorist was negligent and caused the accident while you were riding in an Uber.

If you believe the accident you were in was caused by a negligent driver, contact a Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney. There may be questions regarding liability and who you can hold accountable for all your losses. Working with a Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney Will help you to determine the most effective course of action for your legal case and let you focus on recovering.

Uber’s Insurance Coverage

Uber has a much higher liability limit than a regular auto insurance policy. Uber’s corporate insurance also covers uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage and usually has a limit of $1 million.

However, the critical part of determining if Uber’s insurance will cover your damages, you need to know the status of the driver at the time of the accident. If the driver was logged into the app and working while they caused the accident, it’s possible that Uber can be held liable for damages.

How Does Uber Insurance Work?

Uber’s Insurance will only apply if you were injured as a passenger riding in an Uber vehicle while the driver was performing services for Uber. So, even if another motorist is at fault for causing a collision with your Uber, you may be able to seek damages through Uber’s insurance. Although drivers are also required to maintain personal coverage to meet Colorado’s financial responsibility minimums, that might not be enough to cover your damages. Hence, you may be eligible to get coverage through Uber’s uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Likewise, if you were riding as an Uber customer while the driver was on the job and caused an accident, you may qualify to get coverage from Uber’s insurance policy. However, if the accident occurred while the driver was logged into the app but not actually transporting a passenger, you may still be eligible for third-party liability coverage of:

  • Up to $50,000 in bodily injury liability coverage
  • Up to $100,000 in bodily injury for multiple injury victims in a single accident
  • And up to $25,000 in property damage liability coverage.

So, let’s say you’re not a passenger, but rather, another motorist on the road. If an Uber driver hits you while they are not logged onto the Uber app. In that case, you may need to file an auto insurance claim with the driver’s personal insurance company.

Determining who to pursue for damages is not always an easy feat. That’s why you need a Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney to maximize your chances of getting total compensation.

How Safe Are Ride-Share Enterprises Like Uber?

With the growing number of Coloradans using Uber services, there has also been an increase in Uber accidents. With the increase in accidents Uber has gained a spotlight around questions of liability and who is responsible for paying injury victims in an Uber car accident.

Uber does claim that their platform was built with customer safety in mind, and has implemented new safety features over its evolution. From ancient prevention tools to insurance coverage and technology, the company does have some customer safety initiatives. They also have a partnership with ADT to offer live help with safety agents in their app.

Additionally, riding in an Uber is statistically safer than driving yourself. According to Uber’s U.S. Safety Report, Uber cars have half the fatality rate of the US (.62 per 100 million vs. 1.22 per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, respectively). While the numbers reflect Ubers being an overall safer option, that doesn’t mean they are accident-proof.

Even with all these safety measures, it’s impossible to completely prevent an accident caused by human error. When that happens, you need to consult a Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney to protect your legal rights.

The Issue of Liability in a Colorado Springs Uber Accident

Every car accident case, including Uber car accidents, requires the plaintiff to prove two main components: liability (fault) and damages (the extent of your injuries and other losses).

That’s why one of the most important parts of any personal injury case is conducting a thorough investigation into the accident. You’ll need to gather all the facts to determine who is liable. Uber also has large legal teams that have drafted their company’s “terms of use” to virtually absolve themselves of any liability.

In addition to Uber’s efforts to avoid liability, most drivers are independent contractors rather than employees of the company. As such, this is another way Uber and other corporate companies deflect liability.

Accidents are fact-intensive, so it’s vital to launch an exhaustive investigation. A Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney can assist you in doing so and examine every avenue of recovery for maximum compensation.

Colorado Springs Uber Accident FAQs

How Long After an Uber Accident Can I File a Claim?

Colorado law places a deadline on the timeframe you have to file an insurance claim after a motor vehicle accident. Usually, you’ll need to report the incident and notify the appropriate insurance company of your intent to file a claim within a very short time period (a day or two). Then seek legal counsel, and do not accept any offers or make any negotiations before you have a Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney.

Under Colorado Revised Statute 13-80-101(1), you have three years to file a claim for injuries sustained in a car accident.

What Kind of Damages Can I Recover in a Colorado Springs Uber Accident Claim?

Colorado law allows Uber car accident injury victims to claim the full amount of all economic losses and compensation for pain and suffering. An experienced Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney can assess your case to determine all damages you are eligible to claim and determine a fair estimate of your claim’s potential value.

What Consequences Does the Uber Driver Face?

If the Uber driver was at fault for causing the accident, their insurance will probably cover the resulting injuries and damages. IF their coverage is insufficient to cover your damages, Tube provides coverage for its drivers with liability insurance of up to $1 million for bodily injury and property damage.

If the Uber driver engaged in illegal misconduct when they caused the accident, they may face criminal charges.

How Long Does It Take To Settle an Uber Car Accident Claim?

Majority of personal injury claims get resolved out of court. Meaning, injury victims and their attorneys can usually negotiate a settlement without having to go to trial. However, insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and don’t always want to cooperate or play fair. If that’s the case, a Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney is your best bet at streamlining your recovery efforts.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney?

While you’re struggling with the financial burdens of car accident injuries, it’s understandable to have worries about being able to afford legal representation. Personal injury lawyers understand this and therefore work based on contingency fees. This makes legal representation accessible to people who need it, regardless of their financial endowment.

Contingency fee structures mean that you don’t pay unless the attorney secures compensation for you.

Contact a Colorado Springs Uber Car Accident Attorney

Uber accidents present unique challenges that are not easy to face alone. That’s why our team of qualified Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys want to help you. You’ve probably already been through enough with the accident and deserve strong legal counsel who can help you navigate the complex legal issues that arise in rideshare accident cases.

Thanks to our experience in handling Colorado Springs Uber accident cases, we know how to formulate effective legal strategies that result in maximum compensation for our clients. If you are living with life-long consequences that have left you and your family in ruins, you deserve to get a generous financial payout for all of your suffering. We are prepared to fight for you to get the resources you need and deserve.

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