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Colorado Springs Drowning Death Attorney
Colorado Springs Drowning Death Attorney

Colorado Springs Drowning Death Attorney

Colorado Springs Drowning Death Attorney will fight to ensure you recover the most restitution possible for everything you’ve been through.

Drowning deaths are a tragic loss that no family deserves to endure. If the victim survives the accident, they may require extended hospitalization and medical care. But even then, they might walk away from the incident with brain damage or some other life-long disability due to being submerged under water. That’s why our Colorado Springs Drowning Death Attorney want to help families get the compensation they deserve.

It’s not fair for you to suffer alone or without justice after your loved one dies or suffers a drowning accident. We will fight in your corner to ensure you recover the most restitution possible for everything you’ve been through.

Drowning Statistics in the US and Colorado

Drowning is one of the top five causes of unintentional death and injury in the US. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that nearly ten people die everyday from drowning accidents. In addition, the average number of drowning accidents in the US is about 4,012 annually, with an average of 8,061 emergency room visits for non-fatal drowning accidents.

The saddest part is that drowning accident victims are often children, with about 20% of cases involving children younger than 14. In addition, about two children will experience a drowning death or injury every day and another ten will require hospitalization for a near-drowning incident.

Colorado is seeing an increasing number of drowning deaths every year. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, over 40 people drowned in Colorado’s state waters in 2022. The previous year, 22 people died in water-related deaths, and in 2020, Colorado had 34 water fatalities.

Drowning victims need emergency medical care as submersion injuries are life-threatening. Additionally, drowning accident victims who survive are often left with mental disabilities, memory issues, learning disabilities, or severe brain damage that causes loss of basic functioning. In the worst cases, drowning victims who do survive are left in a vegetative state.

Even if a drowning victim survived the accident, they will have an overwhelming amount of medical bills from the hospitalization and medical treatment. That’s why it’s so important to work with a Colorado Springs Drowning Accident Attorney. They will fight in your corner to help you get the maximum compensation possible or your loved one’s death or life-long injuries.

Public Pools Accidents in Colorado Springs

The public pools in Colorado Springs provide fun and recreational spots for families. You and your family may be familiar with or have plans to visit one of the many public pools in Colorado Springs including:

  • Little Dipper Pool
  • Monument Valley Pool
  • Portal Pool
  • Wilson Ranch Pool
  • Cottonwood Creek Family Center
  • Banning Lewis Ranch Recreation Center

While pools can be fun, a family outing can turn into your worst nightmare in a matter of minutes. Children are especially susceptible to drowning deaths, particularly in the 1-4 age group. Even shallow waters can be dangerous for small children, so it’s important to keep close supervision on them at all times while in or near water.

You should consult a Colorado Springs Drowning Death Attorney if any of the following circumstances were present and contributed to your loved one’s drowning death, as they might be able to help establish liability:

  • If they drowned in a public pool where lifeguards should have been on staff, but were not. Or if the lifeguards were incompetent, inattentive, or otherwise negligent.
  • If they drowned in a private pool and you believe there was negligent supervision.
  • There was improper fencing or barricades around the pool.
  • There was a lack of adequate warning signs around the pool or body of water.
  • There was faulty equipment in or around the pool, such as defective filters, ladders, or drain covers.

If your loved one or child has already suffered a drowning death or submersion injuries, contact our Colorado Springs Drowning Death Attorneys now. We will investigate your case to find out if there was negligence that took place and caused your loved one’s drowning death. Furthermore, Our legal team works relentlessly to ensure you get full and fair compensation for your losses.

How Do I Know if I Have a Colorado Drowning Accident Claim?

Sadly, many drowning accidents are preventable and result from carelessness or negligence. If your loved one died in a drowning that could have been avoided, you might be eligible to seek damage compensation through an accident claim or lawsuit.

Speaking with a Colorado Springs Drowning Death Attorney can help you understand your legal options. If your loved one died in a drowning accident, your Colorado Springs Drowning Death Attorney could help you file a wrongful death claim. Or, if your loved one suffered a near-death drowning incident, they may have substantial and long-term disabilities now. In that case, a Colorado Springs Drowning Accident Attorney can help you file a personal injury lawsuit.

Whatever kind of case you have, a Colorado Springs Drowning Death Attorney can help you prove liability and gather necessary evidence for your claim. It’s imperative to establish negligence in order to hold the appropriate party accountable for your loved one’s drowning death.

Why Do Most Drowning Accidents Happen?

The CDC also tells us that certain groups of people have a higher likelihood of drawing, including children, males, and those with certain medical conditions such as seizures. The highest drowning rates occur with children under 4, most frequently in swimming pools. Drowning deaths are the leading cause of death for children ages 1 to four and the second leading cause of accidental injury and death for children ages 5-14, following motor vehicle collisions.

Losing your child to a drowning that could have. We. Prevented is unthinkable. We know that you are feeling immense pain, anger, and sadness and we want to help you. Call our Colorado Springs drowning death attorneys today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Certain Factors Increase the Possibility for a Drowning Death

Several factors make drowning or near drowning accidents more likely to occur.

Not Knowing How to Swim

Adults and children who don’t know how to swim or have poor swimming skills face a higher risk of drowning. Formal swimming courses and lessons can help reduce the risk of drowning. Even just teaching a young child to float with their face up, out of the water while waiting to be rescued can save their life.

Inadequate of Ineffective Fencing Around a Pool Area

Many children wander into a pool while an adult is distracted or momentarily looks away. Proper fencing can prevent young children from gaining access to a pool area without adult supervision and reduce the risk of drowning by almost 83%. Fences with four sides (one side to separate the house and the pool) serve a substantially safer protective measure than three-sided fencing.

Unsupervised Children

Unsupervised children can drown quickly, in any form of water. It can happen in pools, bathtubs, and natural bodies of water.


Bathtub drownings are the most common in infants under the age of 1. For children between 1 and four, drownings most frequently occur in pools.

Failure to Wear Proper Safety Gear

Wearing a life jacket can save lives. In 2021, about 81% of all boating fatalities were drowning deaths and the majority of the people were not wearing life jackets.

Contact a Colorado Springs Drowning Death Attorney Today

It only takes a few minutes for someone to drown or sustain brain damage from being submerged underwater too long. If your loved one was a victim, was a drowning death victim or survived a near-drowning experience, you might need to seek legal counsel.

Our Colorado Springs Drowning Death Attorneys can assess your case to help identify all damages you are entitled to. Drawing accidents can happen in any sort of body of water, private, public, natural, or man-made. Thus, drowning accidents are not always the result of negligence. However, all drowning deaths are preventable.

If your loved one died in a drowning accident our Colorado Springs Drowning Death Attorneys can help you determine if filing a wrongful death or personal injury claim is the right option for you. We will launch a thorough investigation into the case to find out if there was any negligence and if find out if the accident could have been prevented.

We want to help you during these trying times. That’s why we will treat you with the utmost compassion and respect while we handle your legal case aggressively to win you justice. You and your family have been through enough and deserve to focus on grieving. We’ll handle the rest.

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