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Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorneys
Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorneys

Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorneys

If you were injured in any way through a train accident, speak to our Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorneys for legal advice.

Trains transport millions of people everyday. They operate in Colorado and all across the country. Passenger trains are usually operated by commuter lines and Amtrak, which has over 500 stations in 46 states.

Unfortunately, as well-known and trusted sources of transportation are, accidents do happen quite frequently. From train derailments to trains hitting other objects at crossings or hitting pedestrians, there are many possibilities of dangerous accidents.

Our Colorado Spring Train Accident Attorneys have experience representing injured victims, including passengers and railroad workers. We have helped them win cases and get the financial compensation they deserve.

The state of Colorado requires all common carriers, such as buses and trains, to uphold a higher duty of care since they transport passengers. By working with a well-versed Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorney , you have a better chance at getting a successful outcome and recovering maximum compensation.

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Train Accidents in Colorado

Colorado had 58 train accidents between 2018 and 2021. 2021 also marks the 60th anniversary of the deadliest traffic crash in Colorado’s history. In 1961, a train collided with a school bus and killed 20 children in Weld County.

Every year in the US, over 2,000 people die or sustain severe injuries from accidents occurring around tracks and trains. They most often occur at at-grade crossings.

Common Causes of Train Accidents and Derailments in Colorado

Trains always have the right of way in Colorado. Avoiding a train collision is the responsibility of the driver, pedestrian, bicycle rider, or motorcyclist. That’s because trains don’t have the ability to stop quickly or swerve to avoid hitting something. Trains travel at 55 mph and require at least a mile to stop after applying emergency brakes.

Sometimes human error can lead to train accidents. In other cases, equipment failure might be the cause for a train accident or derailing. Therefore, if you’ve been injured in a train accident, you need a Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorney who is proficient with the law regarding such cases.

Here are some of the most common causes of train accidents in Colorado:

Train Conductor Negligence

The conductor is responsible for managing crew, overseeing cargo, helping passengers, and complying with safety regulations. A conductor’s job is similar to a co-pilot on a plane. They direct all communication between the railroad and the train engineer, whose job is to oversee the actual movement of the train. Conductors must remain alert to all conditions that could affect train movement, including any trains or other objects coming from the opposite direction.

If a train conductor fails to act with reasonable care, they can be held accountable for negligence. Any act that jeopardizes the safety of the train and its occupants can be considered negligence. Since conductors have such a complex job, they have a higher duty of care. Examples of conductor negligence include drinking alcohol, being overly tired on the job or simply being careless. The results can be devastating for many people if a conductor makes a small error.

If you were injured in any way through a train accident, speak to our Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorneys. We can assess your case details to find out exactly what happened and who is liable.

Defective or Faulty Equipment

Faulty equipment can contribute to train accidents. Here are some examples:

  • Brake malfunctioning
  • Warning light, sounds, or gate malfunctions
  • Defective communication equipment
  • Broken handrails on rail cars
  • Faulty hand brakes
  • Broken rails which can cause the train to derail

Getting injured or losing a loved one to a train accident requires a skilled Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorney. We know how to conduct a thorough investigation and what evidence we need to find.

Mistakes or Human Errors

The train conductor isn’t the only person whose negligence could lead to an accident. Other workers or the train engineer could be negligent as well. For example, a worker who switches the tracks improperly and thus causes an accident could be found guilty of negligence. Or, a worker who pushes the train car without taking proper safety precautions could also be found negligent. Whatever the case, a Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorney knows how to find out exactly what caused the accident and help you hold the appropriate parties accountable.

Different Types of Train Accidents

Train accidents can happen in several different ways. Here are some examples of train accidents that can cause injuries:

  • A fire
  • Train derailment
  • Train colliding with a pedestrian or cyclist
  • Train colliding with a car or other motor vehicle
  • Train colliding with another train
  • Train braking too hard causing injury to the passengers

Liability for Colorado Train Accidents

To hold any parties accountable for your injuries and seek damage compensation, you must provide evidence that their negligence is the direct cause of your injuries. Our Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorney is prepared to fight for you and work hard to show exactly how their negligence or carelessness caused your damages.

It’s possible for any of the following parties to be at-fault for a train accident:

  • A major corporation such as:
    • Railroad companies
    • Freight companies
    • Public train companies
  • The train operator
  • Other motorists, pedestrians, or cyclists
  • A train manufacturer
  • Train engineer
  • Train conductor

How You Can Benefit From Hiring a Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorney

Everyone who gets on a train expects to get home safely. No one anticipates danger when they get on the same mode of transportation they use for their daily commute. But sometimes, disaster strikes unexpectedly.

Since train accidents usually occur at high speeds, the outcome is often catastrophic or deadly. The victim is usually not at fault for a train accident. If you were injured in a Cimarron Hills train accident, you may need to seek legal counsel from experienced attorneys. Our Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorneys will help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

You can expect railroad companies and their insurers to try to pay you as little as possible for your injuries and losses. They work to protect their assets and use unfair tactics to do this. They often bully victims and suggest lowball offers that are not nearly as much as injury victims truly deserve.

This is when a Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorney can be crucial to helping you get a successful case outcome. Rather than settle for less than you deserve or getting cornered by insurance companies, you need strong legal counsel to fight for your rights. Without adequate compensation, it will be much more difficult for you to recover physically and financially.

That’s why our Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorney will fight relentlessly to help you. We will identify all liable parties and help gather all the evidence you need for a strong case. Additionally, we know exactly what evidence you need to prove the true and full cost of your injuries and damages.

We don’t back down or give in to insurance companies who try to manipulate or bully innocent victims. Contact our Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorney today for a free consultation.

Get Legal Help From A Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorney Today

If you or a loved one was injured in a train accident in Cimarron Hills or the greater Denver area, we want to help you. We look forward to hearing from you so we can review your case and determine the best path to get you the justice you deserve.

Our legal team has extensive experience in all types of personal injury cases and know the importance of conducting thorough investigations and collecting the right evidence. We will fight to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

Remember, the law does not necessarily make railroad companies and operators strictly liable for injuries. Instead, the law requires them to take reasonable precautions to prevent harm to others. As such, you need a skilled Cimarron Hills Train Accident Attorney who knows how to carefully investigate and find key facts to help your case. Was the conductor negligent? Or perhaps an engineering mistake or a train defect caused the accident?

Whatever the case, we will get to the bottom of it and let you focus on healing.

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