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Can You Get a Rental Car After a Car Accident in Colorado Springs
Can You Get a Rental Car After a Car Accident in Colorado Springs

Can You Get a Rental Car After a Car Accident in Colorado Springs

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Car accidents are an unfortunate daily occurrence, there are over 120,000 collisions reported to the Colorado Department of Transportation every year, not all are serious enough to cause personal injury or extensive vehicle damage preventing further use, but all are disruptive to your life. Regardless of the situation It’s unlikely your first concern afterwards will be if you can get a replacement vehicle, your health and safety are the most important thing and if you or anyone else has been injured in an accident you should call 911 immediately for emergency assistance. However, if the only damage is to your vehicle that prevents its further use, keep reading to find out if you can get a car rental, who should cover its cost, the length of time, and what kind of car you may be eligible for after a car accident in Colorado Springs.

Who Pays for the Car Rental After an Accident in Colorado Springs?

Who pays for a car rental depends on whose fault it is, Colorado requires mandatory minimum insurance coverage and has operated on a “fault” based system since 2003, the person at fault for the accident is liable for all costs incurred from injury and property damage and once fault has been determined, claims are filed with that driver’s insurance provider. Colorado also operates a modified comparative fault system. This means that you can only claim against the other driver if you contribute less than 50% to the accident, and your claim for damages is affected by your percentage of fault. If you find this confusing, an experienced Colorado Springs accident lawyer can help you understand.

If I Am At-Fault

If you are found at fault you will be liable for the accident, the other party will file a claim against your insurance provider and you will be responsible for the cost of your own car rental. Although not mandatory, we recommend that you purchase extra coverage like rental reimbursement from your insurance provider. That way you can file a claim with them to cover the cost, otherwise you will be paying for it out of pocket.

If I Am Not At-Fault

It is usually faster to get a vehicle through your own policy if you’ve purchased rental insurance, once fault has been determined to be the other drivers, your adjuster will seek reimbursement from their insurer. Otherwise, it is the fault insurer’s responsibility to provide you with a rental car in a timely manner either by direct payment to the car rental agency, or immediate reimbursement to you. However, dealing with their insurance adjusters can be difficult, and if they refuse to pay because the accident is still under investigation or dispute the fault of their policyholder, it may be in your best interest to hire a knowledgeable Colorado Springs car accident lawyer.

What Type of Rental Am I Entitled?

Some insurance providers will try to pay as little as possible and provide you with an economy rental car, this will not be sufficient if you drive and require a larger vehicle like a pick-up for work, 4×4 if you live in a rural area, or a large SUV to accommodate family size. Under Colorado law, you are entitled to rent a vehicle that is comparable in quality to that of your original vehicle, not something that you won’t feel safe in, or be uncomfortable driving.

How Long Can I Keep the Rental Car?

Most individuals rely on their vehicles to get them to and from work, especially if the people involved in the accident do not have access to a second vehicle at home. A rental vehicle may be the only way that a person can continue with their daily life until their vehicle is repaired or replaced which can take weeks or even months after an accident occurs.The at-fault insurance provider will cover the cost of a rental car until yours is repaired or in the event of a total loss until they pay the value and for at least three days after the final payment to help find a replacement for your vehicle.

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Our top rated attorneys are highly experienced dealing with difficult insurance companies and will guide you through the complexities of recovery following an accident regardless of fault. If someone else’s negligence has caused you financial uncertainty from being injured in a car accident we will prioritize your peace of mind and secure the maximum compensation that you are entitled to. For your free consultation contact us today.

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