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Multi-Car Crashes in Colorado Springs: Who Is at Fault?
Multi-Car Crashes in Colorado Springs: Who Is at Fault?

Multi-Car Crashes in Colorado Springs: Who Is at Fault?

A car crash occurs in the USA approximately every six minutes. Many car crashes are simple: one car rear-ends another while texting or t-bones a vehicle when running a red light. In these cases, the guilty party is usually obvious. But what about when more than one vehicle is involved? In a multi-car crash in Colorado, who is at fault?

When one vehicle collides with another, it often starts a chain reaction of other crashes. A vehicle may try to avoid one car, only to crash into another. If one car in the line stops abruptly, sometimes every car in its wake will then rear-end the vehicle in front. Perhaps dangerous objects on the highway cause someone to swerve. Subsequently, multiple lanes of traffic around it adjust and potentially collide with one another or the guard rail.

Are Multi-Car Crashes a Problem in Colorado Springs?

There’s real cause to be concerned about multi-car accidents in Colorado Springs. In 2020, the area set a new record for fatal car crashes. El Paso County specifically was the state-leading area for vehicular fatalities. The increase in accidents has many causes. Rising population, the return to the roads after COVID-19, heavy snows in wintertime, among others, such as road rage.

While you can try to protect yourself, in a multi-car crash it can be complete chaos. If you’ve been injured in one, you’ll want a Colorado Springs multi-car crash attorney to help you sort through the complications. Even though you took every step to be safe, a multi-car crash gets out of control. When multiple vehicles are swerving or slamming on their brakes it’s all you can do to keep you and your family safe. You need expert knowledge of how to prove fault and help make sure you are compensated justly.

Colorado Springs has a population that is growing every day. With more people come more vehicles and more potential for accidents. The city has begun to create some new kinds of intersections to try and avoid traffic issues with the swelling population. However, these radically new intersections have already begun to confuse citizens. While the design is intended to reduce the risk of collision, confused drivers may still make mistakes. Whether people adjust to these new intersections or not, El Paso County is likely to see an uptick in car accidents.

How do they determine who is at fault?

When more than one vehicle is involved in an accident, it is referred to as a multiple-car accident. The most common type of multi-car accident is a rear-end collision, also called a pile-up. Also known as a chain-reaction accident, usually, the first driver who drove unsafely is at fault. Because of their negligence, a domino effect began, causing all the other vehicles to react.

While this may seem cut-and-dry, figuring out who was the negligent driver can be more difficult than you’d think. Since so many vehicles are involved, not everyone witnessed the initial problem. In the case of a pile-up, maybe only the second and third vehicles had a clear view.

The fault is determined using the evidence collected at the scene. Each individual’s account is also considered. However, everyone will have a different set of memories and perspectives. An at-fault driver may also deny any wrongdoing, further complicating the matter.

As such, statements from outside witnesses can be crucial. They have no reason to lie to protect themselves. When documenting the scene after an accident, be sure to ask for witness statements and contact info whenever possible.

How An Attorney Can Help After A Multi-Car Crash

This is why it is so important to have a Colorado Springs multi-car crash attorney behind you. They can evaluate everyone’s claims. Investigating the circumstances of an accident is one of the expertise of a Colorado Springs multi-car crash attorney. They’ll look into all the evidence and witness statements. They’ll deal with the insurance companies for you to make sure the fault is being applied correctly. This will help you get the fair settlement you deserve.

Understanding At-Fault Laws of Colorado

Since 2003, Colorado has been an at-fault state or “tort” liability state. This means if you are involved in a car accident, the person responsible for causing the accident is typically responsible. They can be made to pay for the damages to the other party’s vehicle and medical expenses. In simple terms, this means you can file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company.

Under this law, you can seek compensation after an accident in three ways:

1. File a claim with your own insurance agency

2. File a claim with the other driver’s insurance company

3. Have a Colorado Springs multi-car crash attorney file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver

Multi-car crashes can complicate things. With so many parties involved, determining liability is hard. In some cases, the fault may be given to more than one driver. Colorado law states that if you’re more than 50% responsible for causing a crash, you can’t get money from the other people involved. This can make it hard to make a claim against someone else when liability is also being fought over. An experienced Colorado Springs multi-car crash attorney can help to protect you from liability.

Common Injuries Of Multi-Car Crashes

These are some of the most common injuries that result from a multi-car accident:


Traumatic brain injury

Neck injury

Spinal cord injury

Soft tissue damage

Knee injury

Head trauma

Nerve damage

Injuries from car accidents aren’t always obvious. It is always advisable to seek medical attention after a wreck, even if you feel fine. Save all records from your medical visits. Any car accident injury claim requires clear documentation in the form of medical records

What To Do In The Time After The Accident

See a doctor

Even without symptoms, you could be injured after an accident. Be sure that you and anyone who was with you in the vehicle get checked out by a medical professional.

Keep documentation

Be sure to save photographs and videos of the scene. Collect contact information and statements from all involved parties and witnesses. Make sure to get a copy of all police reports. Keep detailed records of any financial burdens, whether medical or work-related.

Don’t post on social media about the incident

Avoid putting anything that could be used as evidence online.

Don’t rely on the insurance companies

Don’t ever sign anything. Instead, refer them to your Colorado Springs multi-car crash attorney.

Hire a lawyer

Seek a qualified Colorado Springs multi-car crash attorney to represent your interests. You’ll be glad you have someone whose only goal is to stand up for you. Even if you bear some responsibility for a multi-vehicle accident in Colorado, you may still qualify for certain financial compensation.

Contact A Colorado Springs Multi-Car Crash Attorney Today For A Free Consultation

Our team of dedicated Colorado Springs multi-car crash attorneys is here to help you. If you’ve been involved in a multiple-vehicle accident, we are here to represent you. These cases can be complicated and overwhelming, but with our experience, you can rest easy. With our years of expertise, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We will fight for you to receive the fair compensation you deserve. Your initial consultation is free so don’t delay! Our Colorado Springs multi-car crash attorneys are ready to take on your case.

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