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Do I Need a Colorado Springs Dog Bite Attorney?
Do I Need a Colorado Springs Dog Bite Attorney?

Do I Need a Colorado Springs Dog Bite Attorney?

Our knowledgeable Colorado Springs dog bite attorneys will help you through your dog bite case.

If you were bitten by a dog, do you need a Colorado Springs dog bite attorney? A dog bite can be a very scary and upsetting thing. You’re walking in Bear Creek Park or Palmer Park when a dog suddenly bites you. Maybe it wasn’t deep or maybe you ended up needing stitches or even being permanently disfigured. Whatever the case, you’re bound to be feeling upset about how this could even happen. You’re also wondering if the owner of the dog-owner bears responsibility for any of the medical costs or effects on your life.

Colorado is known as one of the dog-friendliest states in the nation. It boasts an impressive number of off-leash dog parks and numerous dog-friendly businesses. Nonetheless, dog bites are a real concern. Any Colorado Springs dog bite attorney dog can tell you these incidents are more common than you may think. By March of 2023 in El Paso County, there had already been a reported 151 dog bites. In 2022, the final annual statistics totaled 864 reported bites. Dog bites range from mild to severe and can come from a range of dog breeds. Often, serious medical treatment is necessary.

Nationwide, nearly 1,000 people per day are bitten by a dog. Many victims of dog bites need emergency care, hospitalization, or reconstructive surgeries. The costs of these treatments have soared over the years. As a result of these cases, $1,136,000 was paid out in liability claims through homeowners insurance.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Dog Bites?

The Pikes Peak Regional Human Society places dog bites into three categories. These are: moderate, severe, and fatal. A moderate dog bite is one or multiple moderate or deep punctures, or lacerations. Severe dog bites are defined as serious injury or disfigurement caused by multiple punctures, lacerations, or deep gashes. A fatal dog bite is one that results in the death of the victim, whether human or animal.

Our Colorado Springs dog bite attorneys have dealt with every type of wound. These various types of injury caused by moderate and severe dog bites include:

1. Minor bites – These are superficial and usually only scratch the surface of the skin. They may cause mild pain and discomfort and can be treated with basic first-aid.

2. Deep puncture wounds – These bites are more severe and can cause significant damage to the skin, muscles, and even bones. They are often inflicted by larger breeds of dogs and require immediate medical attention.

3. Crushing injuries – These bites are caused by dogs with a powerful bite force, such as the Rottweiler or Pit Bull breeds. They can result in severe tissue and bone damage and require urgent medical care.

4. Soft tissue injuries – These include bruises, lacerations, and torn ligaments. They are commonly caused by dogs attacking vulnerable areas of the body such as the face, neck, and limbs. These can cause significant pain and may require follow-up medical treatment.

5. Infection – In 15% of cases, dog bites become infected. There are a variety of bacteria and diseases that can be transmitted through a dog bite. The most commonly known infection is rabies. Many think that rabies is no longer a concern in domesticated animals when in fact rabies cases still exist. Right here in El Paso County, a dog tested positive for rabies in 2019.

It is important to remember that any type of dog bite can have serious health consequences. These effects include infections, scarring, and nerve damage. Therefore, it is advised to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a bite occurs. It is also a good idea to quickly choose your Colorado Springs dog bite attorney to help with you case.

How Much Can My Colorado Springs Dog Bite Attorney Help Me Reclaim?

In 2022, the average cost per dog bite claim rose from $49,025 to $64,555. Medical treatment can range from a few hundred dollars for urgent care to nearly $3,000 for an emergency room visit. The CDC states that rabies treatment alone ranges from $1,200 to $6,500.

The cost of treatment ranges drastically along with the severity of the wound. In the cases where tendons or nerves are damaged, there may need to be very complicated surgery. If there is disfigurement, reconstructive surgery may be required. Long-term damage may require physical therapy or be permanent. There is also lost time at work or a change in your ability to perform your work duties. No matter what, the treatment after a dog bite will affect you financially.

In addition to medical treatment, the dog owner may also be held responsible for additional costs:

1. Pain and suffering

2. Lost wages

3. Lost earning capacity

4. Property damage

5. Physical impairment or disfigurement

Can I Sue The Owner Of The Dog That Bit Me?

Colorado Springs has a city ordinance that prohibits a dog’s owner from allowing their dog to attack, threaten or bite another person. This ordinance places responsibility on the dog owner as long as the incident occurs outside the owner’s personal property. It’s important to file a dog bite report as soon as possible. In fact, Colorado law requires that all animal bites to humans be reported.

After a dog bite, be sure to get the owner’s contact information. However, do not try to them about your injuries or potential legal case. To report a dog bite in Colorado Springs, El Paso County Public Health provides an online portal to make the process easy. If you choose to sue the dog owner for damages, this report is necessary. Using this report as evidence, a Colorado Springs dog bite attorney can help you with the next steps.

It’s never recommended to try to take on your own legal case. Legal nuances are confusing and the process can be overwhelming. Additionally, sometimes the dog owner is a neighbor, relative, or friend. You want a Colorado Springs dog bite attorney so that you can be sure to receive the fair settlement you deserve.

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