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2023 Colorado Springs and U.S. Car Accident Statistics
2023 Colorado Springs and U.S. Car Accident Statistics

2023 Colorado Springs and U.S. Car Accident Statistics

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Car accidents are a common and unfortunate daily occurrence in every city and state across the U.S., with accidents happening every 13 minutes according to statistics from the Bureau of Labor. These accidents range from minor fender benders, dents and scrapes, to injury-causing crashes, including serious collisions that can cause severe, sometimes permanent injury or result in fatalities.

U.S. Car Accident Statistics

  • An average of 116 traffic fatalities happen per day.
  • 36% of all fatal traffic accidents involve alcohol.
  • Over 8% of fatalities are caused by distracted driving involving smart phone use.
  • Drowsy driving causes approximately 100,000 reported accidents and 1500 fatalities annually.

According to data from the NHTSA and FHWA, there were over 284 million vehicles driving on the road last year in the U.S. 2022 had over 6,700,000 reported car accidents of which 42,795 were fatal, slightly less than 2021 which had the highest number of traffic fatalities the US had seen in 40 years with a more than 16% increase since 2018. Although the number of fatal crashes has reached nearly 43,000, the car accident fatality rate is actually less than 1% however reassuring that is, considering the high number.

2023 saw a 3.3% decrease in traffic fatalities the first half of the year, but only saw a slight improvement with an estimated 19,515 deaths and a fatality rate of 1.24 per 100 million VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled), compared to 20,190 and a fatality rate of 1.31 per 100 million VMT than the same time the previous year. This decline is also with an increase of 35.1 billion VMT which is a 2-3% increase according to the FHWA. Although the overall rate has declined a little over the past 2 years, certain types of traffic fatalities are on the rise.

Car accident fatalities involving teen drivers continue to rise with an average of 2,341 deaths per year, which have increased 18% in the last decade. Also, pedestrian fatalities increased by 2%, the highest since 1981, and cyclists by an alarming 8% last year nationwide. Colorado, and the city of Colorado Springs have also seen increases in those rates as well as others.

In 2022 Colorado recorded the highest number of traffic related fatalities since 1981. 754 deaths out of over 95,000 motor accidents occurred statewide which, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation, has increased 57% in the past 10 years. By December of 2023 Colorado had 697 traffic related fatalities out of more than 94,000 motor accidents, a small decrease from 716 the same time the previous year but still high.

Colorado Springs also had a small decrease in 2023 with 50 traffic fatalities compared to 55 the year before, however, like many cities in the US, some car accident statistics in Colorado Springs continue to trend higher. The following article will explore the contributing factors to car accidents, their statistics, and hopefully how to avoid becoming a Colorado Springs and US car accident statistic.

Car Accident Statistics in and Around Colorado Springs

The State of Colorado, Colorado Springs and the surrounding area offer some of the most diverse driving conditions in the US. Situated at the base of the Rockies, Colorado Springs drivers experience conditions that range from busy urban streets, to the open road, and mountainous terrains that include a variety of regions in between where sudden, often severe changes in the weather are common, as well as sudden and frequent encounters with wildlife which is the third leading cause of car accidents in the state behind speeding and distracted driving. These conditions combined with a growing population, increasing traffic volumes, and the challenges of an ever changing urban landscape contribute to the high number of car accidents in the state and in the city of Colorado Springs.

The following are the most currently available car accident statistics for 2023 from the Colorado Department of Transportation and the City of Colorado Springs police crash data.

Colorado had over 94,000 traffic accidents with 644 fatal crashes and 659 fatalities by the beginning of December. The city of Colorado Springs had 8170 reported traffic accidents and 50 related fatalities in 2023.

  • The leading causes of car accidents were:
    Weather conditions
    In the State of Colorado, wildlife, mainly deer are the 3rd highest cause of car accidents with a 1 in 240 chance of a collision. The US average is 1 in 127
  • The leading traffic fatality causes were:
    Careless Driving
    Excessive speed
    Failure to yield/Lane violations
    El Paso County had the highest number of fatalities due to lane violations.
    Impaired driving was a factor in 31% of fatal crashes.
  • 35% of traffic fatalities in the state involved people not in a vehicle including:
    Pedestrians (114)
    Cyclists (20)
    Motorcyclists (162).
    El Paso County had the highest motorcycle fatalities with 25
  • Traffic fatalities for teen drivers aged 15-19 years in the state were up over 53% in 2023, and have been on the rise in Colorado Springs. The main contributing factors are:
    Careless driving. This triples in risk with multiple passengers.
    Speeding. Over 32%
    Impaired driving. More than 19%
    Distracted driving from cell phones and passengers.
    Lack of seat-belt use. Over 51%

Weather is a Leading Contributor to Car Accident Causes

According to the FHWA, hazardous weather conditions are responsible for approximately 21%, or more than 1.2 million motor vehicle accidents annually. Inclement Weather is also a major contributor to car accidents in, and around Colorado Springs. A significant percentage of weather-related accidents were caused by snow and ice and severe collisions can result from slick, icy roads and poor visibility. There has been a 15% rise in these incidents in the city over the last year. Rain-related accidents have risen 12% in the past couple years in Colorado Springs, and Fog which can significantly impede visibility, has contributed to numerous fog-related accidents which increased 10% over the past year.

High Risk Car Accident Areas in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has seen massive growth in recent years as development increases with more home building, expanding neighborhood’s, and new restaurants and businesses opening to accommodate the number of new people coming to the area. As the number of residents and visitors rise, so do the number of people on the road, and as traffic volume increases, so does the amount of traffic accidents. Some of the areas of Colorado Springs with the highest number of traffic accidents are as follows:

  • Downtown Colorado Springs
  • Westside
  • Rustic Hills
  • Austin Estates
  • Eastborough
  • Ivywild
  • Southborough
  • Knob Hill
  • Quail Lake
  • Pikes Peak Park North
  • Park Hill
  • Pikes Peak Park South
  • Gateway Park

The City of Colorado Springs Has a Plan

As statistics for trending causes of traffic accidents continue to rise in Colorado Springs and the U.S., drivers need to be extra vigilant on the road and take measures to avoid careless driving behavior. The city of Colorado Springs is also taking measures to make the roads safer by funding a citywide traffic safety action plan, to reduce roadway deaths and serious injuries, it received from a $280,000 federal grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation “Safe Streets and Roads for All” program established by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). In order to be eligible for the award, the city had to come up with a matching contribution of 20% or $70,000, which brings a total of $350,000 to be spent on the action plan.

There are many factors behind the numerous reasons why car accidents and traffic fatalities occur but most often mentioned are speeding, intoxication, and distracted driving. The most frequently observed example of distracted driving in the Colorado Springs region is cell phone use while operating a vehicle. Speeding greatly raises the likelihood of an accident happening as well as the extent of the injuries that result from it, and driver impairment severely escalates the chance of a tragic accident with serious injuries occurring.

Not all accidents can be prevented, but almost all factors behind them are preventable. Careless driving, speeding, impaired and distracted driving are all behaviors that people need to refrain from. Regardless of the precautions taken, sometimes being involved in a traffic accident due to the careless behavior of someone else is unavoidable, an experienced Colorado Springs car accident lawyer will make sure you understand your legal rights, guide you through the claims process and ensure your needs are covered

Economical and Non-Economical Impact of Car Accidents

Car accidents can result in potentially severe injuries, or fatalities, but they may also have an emotional toll on the parties involved. Survivors of motor accidents may experience PTSD and develop anxiety or fear towards driving in the future. According to a study, after a car accident, 21% – 67% of people report having a depressed mood, and approximately 50% report having anxiety or driving fear.

Economically, auto accidents cause an estimated $871 billion in damages annually, according to Department of Transportation statistics. Of that amount, $594 billion is attributed to non-economic losses, which comprise costs linked to pain and suffering, diminished quality of life and damages due to fatality. Economic damages account for the remaining $277 billion. These include losses that have a monetary value attached to them, medical expenses and damage to property and vehicles.

What to do After a Car Accident

Car accidents can happen when you least expect them. Whether or not there was a moment of awareness or caught completely off-guard, accidents can cause heightened adrenaline and disorientation which will make it difficult to stay calm and focus on the details. Gathering thorough documentation at the scene will be crucial in case the specifics become challenging to remember later. The following checklist will help with what to do after a car accident:

  • After a car accident your main concern should be the need to seek immediate medical attention if you or anyone else sustained injuries and dial 911
  • Unless you need medical attention, stay on the scene to avoid a fleeing charge and if necessary wait for the police.
  • Exchange vehicle insurance information.
  • If there are eyewitnesses, get their contact information.
  • If police respond to the scene, request a file of the official report to help your claim process.
  • Refrain from discussing or making statements about the accident with the other party.
  • Take pictures of the scene and the vehicles involved.
  • Write down what happened while it’s fresh in your memory.

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Car accident statistics that are on the rise serve as a reminder to continue our efforts to improve safety and protect all who share the road. If you or a family member have sustained injuries from being involved in an accident, an accomplished Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyer will protect your rights and provide the legal expertise vital for a successful claim.

Our top-rated attorneys have comprehensive experience dealing with complex accident cases and handling aggressive insurance companies. If someone’s negligence has caused you financial grief from being injured, we are devoted to recovering the maximum financial compensation you deserve while minimizing your stress. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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