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Colorado Springs Product Liability Attorney
Colorado Springs Product Liability (Defective Product Injury) Attorney

Colorado Springs Product Liability Attorney

By hiring a Colorado Springs Product Liability Attorney, you can focus on your personal recovery and let the attorneys handle the legal work.

The simplest household item or product can cause a consumer great physical injury if it has a manufacturer or design defect.

We use products everyday that have the potential to be defective and cause serious harm or injury. From cars to gadgets or heavy machinery and appliances, virtually any product can be defective. Colorado consumers who get injured have a right to hold the liable parties accountable for damage compensation.

Sadly, many companies don’t take this risk seriously and manufacture and sell products that injure or even kill innocent consumers.

Our Colorado Springs product liability attorneys have years of experience and a proven track record obtaining compensation for defective product injury victims. We believe that all consumers harmed by defective products deserve a fair chance at seeking justice for corporate negligence. It’s not fair to gamble with a consumer’s safety, and they should be held responsible.

Filing a lawsuit is often the only way to get a fair monetary compensation from liable corporations or companies. Bad publicity and accountability is sometimes the only way to stop them from continuing to harm consumers.

Your defective product claim might be more than just a means to secure compensation, it can also help protect others from going through the same hardships you endured. If you were injured by a defective product, get legal help from a knowledgeable Colorado Springs product liability attorney today.

What Is a Defective Product?

A defective product is one that contains any sort of flaw that doesn’t allow it to function correctly.

If you wish to file a claim for a defective product, you need to prove two things:

  • That a defect exists
  • And the defective product directly caused your injury

Types of Product Defects

You may have a defective product that falls into one of the following categories:

  • Manufacturing Defect – when a product has some sort of mistake during the assembly or manufacturing process. For example, if a product is improperly assembled or is missing a piece, when it hits the market, those are manufacturing defects.w
  • Design Defect – when a product is designed unsafely and injures a consumer, even if the consumer used the product as directed.
  • Marketing defect – when a product has improper or insufficient labeling to warn consumers of the potential dangers of using the product.

Our Colorado Springs Product Liability Attorneys have handled numerous defective product cases. That’s why we know what to look for when we take your case and how to conduct a thorough investigation into the defective product.

Sometimes, getting to the bottom of the defective product’s true source might require going through thousands of documents from the manufacturer or designer. Our Colorado Springs Product Liability Attorneys are prepared to do the work to help protect your rights.

A Colorado Springs Product Liability (Defective Product Injury) Attorney also has other knowledge of how to strategically proceed with this type of case. For example, we also look for reports of similar defects and test similar products first-hand. We do whatever it takes to make sure you get justice.

A Qualified Colorado Springs Product Liability Attorney Can Make or Break Your Case

You need a skilled Colorado Springs Product Liability Attorney who knows how to handle defective product cases and how to proceed with complex legal issues. The law does protect consumers when it comes to product liability, but you still need a legal professional who knows how to successfully prove the product’s defect and link it directly to your injury. This is a very technical skill that a trained attorney will be able to do for you.

With our legal knowledge and resources, we work with the top experts in their fields to build a strong case for you. We may work with engineering or design consultants or other experts that can help give us a technical explanation to address the arguments of the liable companies.

Knowledge alone is not enough to sway a jury, you need to have demonstrative evidence to show a judge or jury how the product’s defect caused it to harm you. We know exactly how to turn technical product terminology into real-world, understandable explanations and videos. As such, we know how to create efficient and persuasive exhibits to counter the defenses that the opposing party will try to use.

By hiring a Colorado Springs Product Liability Attorney, you can focus on your personal recovery and let the attorneys handle the legal proceedings. An attorney can protect you from getting taken advantage of in the settlement negotiations or trial process. And most importantly, a Colorado Springs Product Liability Attorney can give you an honest evaluation so you have a realistic idea of what your case is worth.

Product Liability Laws in Colorado Springs

Colorado’s legal doctrine of product liability asserts that manufacturers have a responsibility to meet certain standards of design and creation of products. There are also federal laws that require companies to meet certain standards.

Any defective product that fails to meet these standards can result in a health or safety risk to consumers. If so, the consumer has a legal right to bring a claim against the manufacturer in Colorado. There are three foundations in Colorado for which a victim can bring a claim against a manufacturer.

Strict Product Liability

If you were injured by an item that has either a marketing, manufacturing, or design defect and you have proof that the product caused your injuries, you can file a strict liability claim. You do not need to prove the manufacturer was negligent in a strict liability claim.

Breach of Warranty

Breach of warranty claims require your Colorado Springs Product Liability Attorney to establish evidence that the manufacturing or distributing company breached a warranty. For example, if a distributing company fails to fulfill a promise it made to customers, whether implicit or explicitly, the injured victim could file a breach of warranty claim. That’s because the company failed to keep their promise which resulted in compromising the quality of their product and safety of the consumer.


A negligence based claim would assert that the manufacturer breached a duty of care they had to keep consumers safe. Whether through a careless mistake or intentionally releasing a defective product, if that product caused your injuries, you may be eligible to file a negligence based product liability claim. However, you will certainly need to work with a Colorado Springs Product Liability (Defective Product Injury) Attorney to help prove negligence in a product liability claim.

Possible Injuries From Defective and Dangerous Products in Colorado Springs

A defective product that does not work the way it should can cause a wide range of personal injuries. Products that do not work the way they should can cause minor to severe damage to consumers. From permanent brain damage and vision loss to illness, infections, and wrongful death, our Colorado Springs Product Liability (Defective Product Injury) Attorney has handled cases involving numerous clients.

Some examples of injuries people have suffered from defective and dangerous products include:

  • Poisoning (accidental or unintentional)
  • Choking
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Strangulation
  • Suffocating
  • Loss of limbs
  • Skull injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Unintentional drowning
  • Wrongful death

The severity of your injury will affect how much your claim is worth. Your Colorado Springs Product Liability (Defective Product Injury) Attorney can assess the facts of your case to help give you an idea of your claim value.

In general. More serious injuries like catastrophic or life-altering debilitation will warrant more damage compensation than less severe injuries. No matter what type of injuries you suffered, you should speak with a Colorado Springs Product Liability (Defective Product Injury) Attorney to see if you have valid grounds for a product liability claim. We advocate for all injured consumers.

What Damages are Available to Defective Product Injury Victims in Colorado?

A defective or dangerous product can unexpectedly change the entire course of your life. If you suffer from catastrophic injuries or lose a loved one, a lawsuit might be the best path to obtaining full and fair financial compensation.

Our Colorado Springs Product Liability (Defective Product Injury) Attorneys understand that money won’t take away your pain and suffering but it will help you get back on track. It will also help give you some financial stability and recovery for certain damages, including:

  • Medical bills (current and future costs related to the injury)
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional digress and mental anguish
  • Property damage
  • Reduced quality of life

During your consultation with one of our Colorado Springs Product Liability (Defective Product Injury) Attorney, we will assess your unique circumstances to help determine which damages you are eligible to claim. And then we will see to it that you recover the maximum compensation possible. Knowing a fair value or what your case is worth can give you an advantage during settlement negotiations so you don’t settle for less than what your case is worth.

Statute of Limitations for a Product Liability Claim in Colorado

Colorado allows you or your Colorado Springs Product Liability (Defective Product Injury) Attorney to file a claim within two years from the date of the injury for a civil claim with the county courts.

If you discover your injuries later, you may have an exception or an extended time limit to file a claim. Consult a knowledgeable Colorado Springs Product Liability (Defective Product Injury) Attorney to be sure about your case-specific deadline.

Speak With an Experienced Colorado Springs Product Liability (Defective Product Injury) Attorney Today

We can help analyze your case to determine which doctrine of liability applies to your case. Then we will start devising a tailored legal strategy that best suits your unique case. If the defense tries to use defenses like assumption of risk or improper use of product, we are prepared to fight for you.

Our Colorado Springs Product Liability (Defective Product Injury) Attorneys treat every client with compassion and support during these hard times. Colorado’s Consumer Protection Act you can recover much more for your damages if you work with an attorney.

This compensation is tremendously helpful for injury victims who have missed work, lost income, have overwhelming medical bills and are experiencing emotional pain and suffering from the defective product injury. We want to help you find justice and hold the liable parties accountable.

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