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Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accident Attorney
Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accidents Attorney

Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accident Attorney

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What started as an online book-selling company in the 90’s is now one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world: Amazon. From entertainment to delivery services and groceries, the company has now expanded into an empire that’s fulfilling customer orders. The average amazon delivery driver is responsible for getting an average of 250-300 packages to doorsteps on a daily basis.

If you were injured in an accident with an Amazon delivery truck, you may be eligible to seek compensation for all your losses. However, it may not be as straightforward as you would think or as it would be after a normal car accident.

That’s why you need a knowledgeable Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accidents Attorney. Having an attorney is the most promising way to get a full and fair compensation.

Why Choose Our Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accident Attorneys?

Experience matters when it comes to choosing the right Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accident Attorney. With a proven track record and attorneys who offer compassion while fighting relentlessly to protect clients’ rights.

Insurance companies use tactics to protect their profits and sometimes that means you don’t get a fair settlement offer. On the bright side, our attorneys are skilled negotiators who know how to counter these tactics and get you the full amount you deserve. Working with a successful team who has won countless similar verdicts will give you some peace of mind while you focus on healing.

When you work with our attorneys, you can also expect relevant and timely updates throughout the entire process of your claim. We don’t hide anything from you – from the merits of your case to honest timeframes and explaining the true likelihood of litigation, we provide straightforward legal counsel.

If your case is complex and needs to go to court, we aren’t afraid to prepare to fight for you. You can call us now to consult an experienced Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accidents Attorney.

What Makes Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents More Complex?

While many assume that filing a claim with an Amazon Delivery truck is the same as other motor vehicle crashes, that’s not true. An accident involving an Amazon Delivery Truck in Colorado Springs is more complex and requires a different approach.

Seeking compensation for accident injuries in an Amazon Delivery truck accident can cause pain and damages beyond what you can handle alone. However, having a skilled Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accidents Attorney fighting in your corner can make the claims process much smoother.

Amazon has copious demand for their services and thus partners with several different types of entities to meet the demand. For example, they partner with other business owners and independent contractors to deliver packages.

While these partners are agents of Amazon and act on behalf of Amazon, they are technically not employees of Amazon. With this type of contract agreement or work structure, it can be tricky to determine who is liable for your injuries in a crash. Is it the individual, the partnering company, or Amazon? There’s no obvious or immediate answer because determining liability requires an in-depth investigation into the accident. A Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accidents Attorney can help you do this.

Unique Factors in Amazon Delivery Accidents

Here are some of the factors that make Amazon delivery accidents more complex than a normal car accident case:

Amazon’s Delivery Vehicles Are Often Large Trucks

From minivans to semi-trucks, Amazon has a broad range of large delivery vehicles on the roads. A smaller passenger car that collides with a large truck can have disastrous, or deadly, consequences. Consider this recent collision in Colorado Springs where a smaller passenger vehicle got trapped under an Amazon semi-truck. The driver was rescued by Colorado Springs Fire Department and taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Third Party Companies Are Involved

Many of Amazon’s delivery drivers are contracted through third-party companies. Due to this structure, Amazon often finds a way to deny liability for delivery truck accidents. Instead, the third-party company is liable since the delivery driver is not technically an employee of the company.

That said, it’s still possible for the accident to fall under commercial insurance coverage. As long as the driver was on duty performing work services for Amazon when they caused the crash, there is a possibility for Amazon to be liable. The best way to find out for sure is by hiring a Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accidents Attorney to look into your case details.

Liability Can Be Unclear With So Many Parties Involved

Many people falsely assume that lability is easy to determine if the delivery driver is at fault. However, it’s not always that clear and simple; since there are so many parties that could be liable, you’ll need a knowledgeable Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accidents Attorney who can help establish liability in your accident case.

For example, it’s possible that Amazon’s insurance company, the driver’s insurance, or the third-party company is liable. If more than one driver were involved in the accident, that can further complicate matters.

Also, amazon delivery trucks could be on the road, but not on the job. Therefore, an investigation is crucial to uncover all the necessary details to support your claim.

Amazon Has a Different Insurance Policy From Standard Auto Insurance

Commercial insurance policies, like Amazon’s, have higher liability insurance limits. So, if Amazon is in fact liable for your injuries, their corporate insurance policy may cover employee accidents under certain circumstances. That means you could potentially win a higher compensation award than a typical car accident, especially if you suffered severe injuries.

Partnering Companies That Commonly Have Contracts With Amazon Delivery Services

Amazon has different affiliate programs and partners to help meet their high demand for delivery services. Understanding the nature of these partnerships and how they differ may help you get a better understanding of who can be held liable for your Colorado Springs accident damages.

Amazon “Flex” Drivers

Amazon Flex drivers make deliveries for Amazon but use their own vehicles. The requirements for Amazon Flex drivers have some variability in the type of vehicle they can use to deliver packages. The vehicle must have four doors and be a midsize sedan, SUV, or van.

Since they use personal vehicles for delivery services, they are required to carry additional commercial use coverage. In Colorado Springs, Amazon’s Commercial Insurance is also applicable to accidents caused by Amazon Flex drivers while they are on the job. Amazon’s commercial auto insurance policy covers:

  • Automobile liability coverage
  • Uninsured and underinsured (UM/UIM) motorist coverage
  • Contingent comprehensive coverage
  • And collision coverage

Amazon Delivery Service Partners

Amazon delivery service partners (DSP) are independent contractors but they work with company-provided vehicles. While they provide services for Amazon, they are employees of Amazon. Therefore, if a DSP causes an accident in an Amazon delivery truck, Amazon might not be liable.

Colorado Adheres to “At Fault” Auto Insurance Laws

The person at fault is usually responsible for damages that result in a car accident. But establishing fault can become a lengthy process as it requires a thorough investigation and retrieval of evidence. If parties try to avoid liability, that can also complicate the process.

Since Colorado law enforces at-fault auto insurance laws, the burden of proof falls on the victim to prove fault. That is, if a plaintiff wishes to seek compensatory damages from a defendant, they must prove that they suffered damages due to the defendant’s negligence.

A qualified Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accidents Attorney will know how to effectively and efficiently handle your case, which includes proving fault. Many times in accident cases, there is a lot of blame-shifting as a means to avoid liability and large payouts. But with strong legal counsel, you can level the playing field and protect your best interests. This is very important when you are going up against a big corporation like Amazon.

How Much Compensation Can I Get After a Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accident?

As a Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accidents injury victim, you may be entitled to collect economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages may include those quantifiable losses, such as medical expenses, property repair costs, and lost wages. Bills, invoices, and other documentation can usually provide supporting evidence for such losses.

Non-economic damages are losses that don’t have a fixed financial value. They include pain and suffering, emotional distress, mental anguish, reduced quality of life, and more. There is a limit on the amount of non-economic losses an injury victim can recover in Colorado Springs.

How Much Does a Colorado Springs Amazon Delivery Accidents Attorney Cost?

Injured car accident victims may have concerns about legal fees or the cost of hiring an attorney. Whether they can afford one or not, a person who gets harmed due to someone else’s negligence deserves proper legal counsel and a fair chance to seek justice. That’s why most Colorado Springs personal injury lawyers work with a contingency fee. Which means you only pay if you win a settlement or verdict on your case.

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