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[12-20-23] Employee Facing Life-Threatening Injuries After Alleged Shoplifter Runs Him Over

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — A Colorado Springs man is clinging to life after a shoplifting situation dramatically escalated Sunday night on W. Fillmore Street.

Colorado Springs Police (CSPD) say an employee on W. Fillmore Street pursued a shoplifting suspect and the shoplifter struck him with their car. KRDO13 confirmed that employee was Devin Davidson, an employee at the Blown Smoke Shop.

“It’s our brother, our family,” said Daniel Hardt, Devin’s coworker and friend. “To see somebody have such lack of care to leave him there like that, it’s heartbreaking.”

After learning something happened to Devin, Hardt watched the store’s surveillance footage. He said Devin ran out of the front door in pursuit of a shoplifter, and as Devin was confronting them, they pulled out of the parking spot and ran Devin over.

“They pulled away taking Devin with them and dragging him through the parking lot,” said Hardt. “It’s terrible that this has even happened, and the fact that somebody would do that is, it’s just unthinkable.”

Hardt says Devin was discovered by customers later Sunday night and then taken to a local hospital.

CSPD has not arrested anyone for the hit-and-run.

“I am a believer and I have faith that he will be healed,” said Hardt. “And so that’s where I’m just emotional about it because I’m ready to talk to Devin again.”

Hardt said Devin is in the intensive care unit in a medically induced coma. He’s suffering from bleeding in his brain, and it’s unclear right now what a recovery would entail.

As they wait for more news on Devin’s condition, Hardt said all of the staff at the smoke shop are checking in on Devin and praying he recovers.

Hardt said the shoplifter stole about $100 worth of merchandise from the store, saying no amount of merchandise is worth the potential loss of life.

Colorado Springs Police say they recommend no one ever confronts a person suspected of committing a crime. They say if anyone witnesses criminal activity, they should call 911.

CSPD also said their department has a program for businesses called “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design,” to evaluate a property and make recommendations of best practices for crime prevention measures.

If you’d like to help Devin and his family with medical bills and unforeseen costs, you can donate at this verified fundraiser .

Source : KRDO

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